November 25, 2006

The Snow Watch

I have a confession to make: I love snow days. (And, I'll confess for Matt: he loves snow days, too.)

I realize that as teachers, this is a little sacreligious, but it's the truth. Yes, it's a pain to rearrange one's lesson plans. Yes, the days often have to be made up at the end of the year. But there's just something so delicious about the thought of an unexpected day off (that does not involve anyone dying, going to the emergency room, or going through three boxes of Kleenex and one of Imodium-AD).

I mention all this because we are currently on a snow day watch for Monday. Conveniently, since we don't live in the district in which Matt teaches, there is often no (or negligible) snow here, and there can still be a snow day there. That makes it even easier to goof off. (As I've mentioned, his district is large geographically, and as I probably haven't mentioned, a good chunk of it is in the Cascade foothills...hence the higher probability of a day to goof off.)

One of the most precious memories we have from Laura's babyhood is due, in large part, to the Big Storm of 2004, in which ice destroyed our ponderosa pine, but also kept Daddy home to further bond with our November child. I'm pretty sure it was on one of those snowed- and iced-in days that he got her to smile for the first "real" time. Who knows what wonderful memories the next such day could bring?

So let's all do the snow dance, shall we? (As taught to me by my sophomore English teacher so long ago, in between proper grammar and various sentence structures; obviously, we're not the first teacher types to enjoy the white stuff...) You must go outside, preferably into your front yard. You must dance goofily around. You must sing at the top of your lungs: "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow." You must not explain to the neighbors, unless they express a desire to join you.

Thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I totally forgot about the snow dance until now. That teacher's daughter has been our babysitter a few times, until she went traveling off to Asia awhile back...

Ginger Ogle said...

Yes, and in another "it's a small world" thing, I used to babysit for her (she lived down the street from us).

So, go dance. If we all do it, it will happen...

nepenthe said...

Speaking of small worlds, I found your site while looking up 'fever spike at night' on Google (my oldest is heading up there again after last night's 104.6).

After idly browsing your blog I came to the front most post..this one about the snow day. Odd, I thought, we're hoping for a snow day, too. Then I noticed the words 'Cascades' and realized that you must be at least in the same state if not the same city. :)

Isn't that funny? How the world (and the internet) is such a big place and then you bump into the stranger who lives around the corner. Makes you feel like maybe it's not so scary out there after all.

Hope you and yours have a good winter & holidays!


ps I'm doing the dance tomorrrow night...hehe

Ginger Ogle said...

Howdy, neighbor. Ugh, though--May the fever calm down for you. That is always miserable for everybody.

My kids respond well to the Motrin/Tylenol rotation every three hours (our doc rec'd it originally). The Advil works best for both of them to knock down a fever, and the Tylenol carries them through in between doses of the Advil. And I have tried the tepid bath thing, too...Emily did not like that one bit, but her fever came down for a while!

The Internet *is* funny, tho' I think, even though it's worldwide, the odds are with you to find someone at least in the U.S....we still have so much of the "stuff" that makes blogging often a real possibility.

Thanks for dropping in...and if you live *really* close, I'm sure you'll eventually figure out exactly where we are. :-) I just don't like to post too much, in case there are crazed stalkers out there looking for people who like non-fat vanilla lattes or something....And the babies. I don't want anyone to even think about being mean to my babies!