November 24, 2006

Scheherezade Gets A Night Off

I received two lovely gifts yesterday, both in the "intangibles" column (although one does cost money).

We spent Thanksgiving dinner time at my Aunt Barb's house. It's hard to describe my family, but in general they are quiet sorts; the most animated discussion around the table centered on which apples were really best for making pies. And then the discussion shifted to pears....

My children were no worse than usual, and that led to the first gift: my grandfather, a man not known for his long and close associations with those of a short and diaper-wearing persuasion, told me he thought they were very well-behaved, and that we appeared to be doing a great job raising them.

Wow! That ought to get me through at least three mornings when Laura refuses to feed herself, and probably two days' worth of Emily being insanely tired but refusing to sleep (and running into things, crying about it, etc.) I'm not sure it's true, but I'll certainly take it!

The second lovely gift was a big surprise, since I had completely forgotten about it as a possibility. (It happened to a coach friend of ours, and I raved about the idea at the time, but my brain had apparently moved on...)

Matt and I generally celebrate our wedding anniversary, and also at least pause for five minutes to acknowledge the day we decided to "go together". We've never really made a big deal about the day we met, though (since it was right before Thanksgiving), we often--okay, mostly Matt--say, on Thanksgiving, how many years it's been. So I was a little surprised to see a card propped up on the piano yesterday. I said, "Why is there a card on the piano?" And Matt, stinker to the core, said, "I forgive you for forgetting."

Ack! Forgetting? When we never celebrate? (It's okay, I inadvertently got good revenge, because, once I [thought I] realized what it was, I didn't open it right away. This quickly drove Matt insane...)

Because, inside the card, was the gift.

I get to have a night OFF. He reserved a room for me at a nearby hotel for a night during Christmas break (complete with amenities like a jacuzzi...), and there I will go by myself. Alone. No crying children. Not even a husband with needs to tend to. Just selfish little me.

I can hardly wait!

As the card pointed out, I have put in well over 1,001 nights of childcare without a break (in fairness to Matt, we've tried a couple of times, especially when I was pregnant, and it just didn't work out. Mommy's number 1!) But, short of any true emergencies, this should work.

Oh! I am all a-twitter about which books to take...I have to keep reminding myself that it's only one night....


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! You think Matt'd notice if I dropped off my kids with yours and joined you on your getaway? ;)

Ginger Ogle said...

Um, yes, I have a feeling he would notice.

But, in the selfish spirit the whole adventure is supposed to encourage, I promise not to think of you while I'm there. ;-)