November 7, 2006

Not Remotely Itsy-Bitsy

Reason #569 not to do housework: Spiders.

Night before last, as Matt was finishing tucking in Laura and I was taking Emily toward the rocking chair, I saw a HUGE spider. Now, I'm not talking about just big; this was eligible for membership in the baby tarantula club. It was bigger than a daddy-longlegs! So, brave woman that I am, I decided to watch it until Matt was done and could come kill it (I think Fiona already had a swipe at it, since it only had seven legs....WHICH WERE CLEARLY VISIBLE from several feet away, since it was the size of a Buick.)

So, Matt arrived, I told him, he looked, jumped about a foot and said, "Good LORD!", then sent it on to Spider Heaven. (While I actually mostly ignore spiders in, say, my office, or upstairs, I draw the line at anything close to where I or my babies sleep.)

Yesterday, I was doing the ironing (which, ironically, I like to do). I had been at it for perhaps 20 or 30 minutes, and it was time to fill up the water reservoir. Fill....fill...fill...and out comes a spider from the reservoir--ACK! It was not as big as the one from the night before, but still, kinda spooky. It had been in the hot iron, and was still able to scuttle in that creepy way they do. Matt not being handy, I dispatched this one myself, having to move quickly as it was fast.

Then, as I was gathering laundry from the nursery, I found the evil twin of the one from the night before: HUGE, and VERY FAST. Fortunately, it was fairly effectively trapped in the laundry hamper, and I euthanized it with a handy pack of diapers. I knew they had to be good for something besides bottoms....

I don't think I'll do any homemaking today: my nerves can't take it.

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