November 30, 2006

Not Adieu, But Au Revoir

I've just looked at the calendar, and I'm pretty sure that today is the last day of the month. That means I actually made it through an entire month of posting every day (and a few times, twice). I'm feeling pretty good about it, since I tried hard to maintain the high(?) standards of writing and doses of humor(?) that you've become accustomed to here; no one-liner whines of "nothing to write about." Really, as I figured out early on in this whole blogging thing, finding things to write about is NOT the problem; finding time to do even a half-way decent job of writing (or even writing at all) is the main issue at this point. Same old conundrum: when there's nothing going on, I've all the time in the world (but then you're subject to old news or my own personal random thoughts); when life is interesting and blog-worthy, time to type is at a premium.

So how did I do this for a month? Well, the girls haven't had a whole lot of new preschool material lately (I'm not sure they care; I have kept them well supplied with crayons, and they were free to color on the last unit's posters, which are still up on the wall!) Apart from the recent sweeps with the Dyson (and quite a difference it has made--I can sit down without getting stuffed up within just a few minutes!), my house is really no cleaner than usual. And I have stayed up late (or not napped when I needed it) a few times. Some days it's no fun being a perfectionist!

What has been especially cool, though, is in reading some of the other blogs who participated. I realize that there are just a TON of people out there who are writing pretty much the same kind of random, slice-of-life things that I am, and they're good. This sort of thing gives me hope, the kind of hope that helps keep someone who loves to teach writing going. (i.e., not everyone writes like a C- high school sophomore. Hallelujah!) Most of them are funnier than I could ever be (if only because they swear so much more, or write about things that, frankly, I'm not sure most of my audience would enjoy, or that I just can't bring myself to publicize.) In many ways, it is perhaps most comforting to know that I'm not the only mildly tech-savvy Mommy who's chosen to both stay home with the kids, and write about it from time to time.

I have enjoyed the whole experience, but now I'm a bit tired. So I'll try to be more regular in posting...but I'm not gonna keep up every single day. At least until next November, at which point, we'll see....

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