November 11, 2006

Me and Sydney Carton

Originally, I was going to post this. In fact, I had it all typed up to post this morning before I left, because in case you hadn't noticed, I've been trying to post each day so far this month and I was worried I wouldn't get a chance later on.

Losing? the Coin Toss

I'm off to take the team to a tournament.

Originally, there were two tournaments today, and we were each going to go to one (me taking the small children along, and therefore not doing much). One of the tourneys got cancelled because of low numbers, so I'm going to the other one and Matt's staying home instead of me for once.

We decided to see who felt sicker with the cold/mild flu/whatever thing; I lost. Must be all the drugs!

Of course, the last time I went anywhere for all day without the children was jury duty, and that was the first time. I actually said yesterday that I figured it would be less physically exhausting to drive for a half an hour, sit in a cold bus for another 40 minutes, walk around a high school all day and into the evening, then ride for another 40 minutes and drive for another thirty (in the forecast torrential rains), than to stay home with The Children. And I'm pretty sure I'll be right!

Who says women are the weaker sex?

But, instead, I'm not there. It was in the middle of the night last night, around 12:30, when we both woke up to desperate crying from Laura. And as our eyes clicked magnetically together a few minutes later, as we stood tending to her quivering, vomit-covered body, I said as gently as I could, with that lift of the eyebrow that indicates it's an honest question and not sarcasm: "Are you sure you want to stay home with this tomorrow?"

Matt took a few minutes to think it over, as we started laundry, changed her clothes, calmed her down, etc. By the time we realized that the spare waterproof mattress pad was in the washer due to an earlier diaper leakage incident at nap-time (and therefore, would need to be dried before The Laura could be returned to its bed), he allowed as how he thought maybe I'd be better equipped to handle things.

About then, Emily woke up and wanted to join the party.

With Laura snuggled in our bed--but far from asleep--Emily uncomprehendingly watching from her crib (and obviously also not asleep, foreshadowing a long time in the rocker eventually, which did in fact come to pass), and the cursed mattress pad circling in the dryer, Matt escaped to the relative peace of the guest room to finish sleeping. I believe I closed my weary eyes again around 3 AM, having seen both little girls at last to sleep (one on a fresh bed).

So here I am.

It is a far, far better thing I do....


Tami said...

Heh. Sorry the girlies are sick and/or not sleeping. Those times are the worst! In moments of moonlight desperation, I have pulled Dollar Tree shower curtains from their rods to put down under a child likely to somehow (further) soil a mattress in the middle of the night. I have since realized it makes better sense to just have a few of those cheap curtains stocked up. And, I'm ashamed (? or perhaps proud?) to say, if the mess is just pee, I'm always willing to just stick a clean towel under the offending child and tuck him/her back in until the morning.

Ginger Ogle said...

As usual, you are a font of useful information. Are you sure you weren't, like, a Den Mother or something in a former life?

I am now smacking myself on the forehead, in the realization that I actually have (and had Friday night) just exactly a cheap old shower curtain in the dining room, tucked under a table awaiting use as a an art/Emily-uses-utensils floor protector. Maybe next time I'll remember it's there!

Tami said...

Ha! Actually, now that you mention it, I'm sure I was probably The Obnoxious Parent Who Yelled Too Much in my former lives, and I keep getting sent back to do it again (with more and more Challenging Subjects each time), just to see if I can learn a little more patience. I don't think I'm all that successful...but you never know. ;)