November 6, 2006

Kid Party

Laura had her "kid party" last night. With only two invitees (probably all she can handle, when the families are invited, too), it was still a big to-do. There were certain elements of the "Jump Around" scene from Mrs. Doubtfire at times!

Keep in mind that the video doesn't really show the true intensity of the Balloon Experience, since two of us were taking a break from batting them back into play in order to record the moment for posterity. You'll just have to imagine what it was like when we rejoined the fray!


Kaitlin said...

you are a brave, brave many balloons, screaming children, all at the same time. HOW DO YOU DO IT!?

Ginger Ogle said...

Well, their parents (the children's) were there, for one thing. For another, they're just *balloons* for heaven's sake, and with three-year olds, they're not going to hit much hard (I didn't even put away the breakables). Full disclosure: it was I who hit something, but it wasn't a breakable so we just went on.

And for all that lack of terror, I get: "We were being goofy with balloons, weren't we, Mama?" for weeks! :-)