November 26, 2006

Holy Year End, Batman!

We made it to church today for what I think is the first time this month...there's been a tournament each and every weekend until this one, making it hard to get out and go anywhere on Sunday between shopping, laundry, and general breathing in and out before the week.

(Yes, I know, I could probably go shopping with the girls during the week sometime. And as my energy continues to rise amazingly with drugs and environmental controls, I may actually try that. But Matt--the extrovert--likes to go shopping, and I hated it even before I had two children to strap in and out of carseats while scanning the parking lot for creeps.)

Anyway, it was nice to see everyone there again. It's the official end of the church year, Advent being the beginning. Can't let the pagans have too much influence on us, since they already got all the good holidays. ;-)

I have also officially resigned my post as chief scheduler for the place; it wasn't a difficult job, but it stressed me out more than it should, so someone else gets to do it from now on. I can still read when I need a stage thrill, and I'm on the Sunday School teacher list.

(How funny is that? Me, as a Sunday school teacher? Fortunately, it's scripted, so I don't think I'll do anything too warping to the younger generation's minds....)

We also picked up a little wire Advent wreath and candles to light, and some coloring stuff for the girls (hey--I know pre-prepped preschool materials when I see them!), all of which we are jokingly referring to as our "God propaganda" (somebody at church called it that, which gives you just a slight flavor of our house of worship: we work hard not to take ourselves tooooo seriously!)

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