November 6, 2006

A Goose

Some facts:
~Emily hardly ever makes it all night in her crib. She usually finishes sleeping next to me.
~I do not wake up very well, or very quickly, though actual crying usually triggers the whole biological imperative and at least makes me stumble to cryer, retrieve, and return.
~I am a bit behind in the laundry, and as a result, I just grabbed an old maternity T to sleep in last night.

So this morning, I noticed something tickling me, in that vague sort of way that a fly can annoy a sleeping man on a sunny Sunday summer afternoon, without actually waking him up. It happened a few more times, and when I finally achieved consciousness, I realized it was Emily, poking me just below the tailbone, and saying, "Poo-poo-poo?" (poke) "Poo-poo-poo-poo?" (poke).

At least she has her anatomy down....

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