November 19, 2006

Farewell, oh Ducky Tub

The giant yellow duck will no longer be appearing in our tub. Nothing bad has happened to it (well, unless you could the endless sequence of naked baby behinds it has endured...), but I finally gave in last night and bathed the girls together in The Big Tub.

I didn't mean to.

Actually, I had been thinking in the back of my head that it would soon be time, but I was going to forego baths entirely last night, putting them off until Daddy came home today and could help (me still getting over the nasty cold that's had us all in its grippe, after all). That is, until I noticed the poop on the kitchen floor, which made the bath no longer optional. (I was, however, very grateful that it was on the kitchen floor and not, say, the living room rug.) So Laura--the poop perp this time--was rib-deep in the water, when Emily made it as clear as could be that she wanted to join her.

E.: "UP! UP!" (pointing into the water behind Laura)
Me: "Are you sure?"
E.: [exaggerated nod] "Yyyyyup!"
Me: "You want to go in the bath with Laura?"
E.: [exaggerated nod] "Yyyyyup!"
Me: "In the Big Tub?"
E.: [exaggerated nod] "Yyyyyup!"
Me: "Are you sure?"
E.: [exaggerated nod; eyes starting to roll in exasperation] "Yyyyyup! UP! UP!"
Me: "Laura, is it okay if Emily shares your bath? What do you think?"
L.: [nodding sagely] "I think Emily's going to bonk her head."
Me: "Probably. But are you okay if she's in there with you?"
L.: "Yes. That would be alright."

And so it was. As it turned out, no head bonking occurred (but there's always next time.)

I suspect that the fact it's taken us this long to plunk them both in a bath together is a clear symptom of how obsessive and anal we are; or, it could be conditioning from Laura's dislike of anything new and different (Emily is obviously new and different in that regard...)

Anyway, for those of you who'll miss making the ducky tub's beak quack on your way to the john, we'll try to arrange supervised visits.

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