November 12, 2006

Die, Bugs, Die!

I am in recovery from a burst of Internet shopping. It was not nearly as much fun as it should be, but that's because it was all about allergy relief stuff.

From everything I've read, you get the most bang for your buck with pillow and mattress covers, so that's where I started (I had already gotten stuff for our own bed, sometime shortly after my doctor's appointment; this is for everyone else's, since not only do the girls share some of my [cursed] genes, but it's not a great thing for those rotten little bugs to be in anyone else's bed, either, if we're trying to cut down on the general population.)

In consultation with Matt, I decided to go with the Dyson line of vacuums (thanks to Tami for the recommend), and I also found a permanent (though you have to take it out and wash it off every month) electrostatic filter for the furnace. I did both of those in no small part because it's going to be a while, logicstically and realistically speaking, before we move out of the basement and/or get rid of the carpet down there. They should help ease things until then, and afterwards, they'll still be useful to own.

I'm trying to tell myself that all in all, we still spent less than we did on the brakes for the Honda, with hopefully a similar sort of return (stopping the car is important, breathing in--and especially, out--with asthma, is also important.) And the covers, vac, and filter all come with a much longer guarantee than the brakes did....
In other bug news, although both children were, relatively speaking, sicko stinkers yesterday, there were no more emesis episodes, even while Laura was coughing last night. I think she's actually finally feeling a little better today, too, though she has that droopy, "I've-been-miserable-sick-and-now-I'm-exhausted-and-whiny" status. So here's hoping those bugs are also on their way out.

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