November 27, 2006

Dance Like There's Snow Tomorrow

Alright, people. I'll take some of the blame for not being specific enough. The snow dance doesn't count as successful unless the snow actually sticks, enough so that school is actually cancelled. Not just a two-hour delay, which gives the poor teachers the worst of several worlds: they have to drive in the snow, the time in class is crazily shortened (requiring changes in lesson plans), and the children do not want to be there (those who show up at all).

Since a two-hour delay is, in fact, what we got (and the local district didn't even get that), I can only assume one of two things. One, you didn't do the dance correctly. Were you loud? Were you in your front yard? Did your neighbors point, giggle, and/or threaten to call the police? Were you singing the right song? Did you forget some of the words?

Or, is it the second option...did you not dance at all?

Judging by the snow production this morning, I'm guessing at least some of you are innocent of that last--you just need to try harder, and be joined by the slackerweasels who "forgot" last night.

So come on, people. It takes a group effort. There's still a chance for tomorrow!

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