November 28, 2006

Consolation Prize

Well, it was a good effort, but yet again, we have failed. This time, I know you tried--heck, even Joe's hometown had a late start this morning, which tells me those Washingtonians were doing their duty to help--but Matt still had to go off to work after a two-hour delay. Ironically, the local district had a delay, then closed entirely. Which makes me a little worried about Matt, but at least he has my (bigger, heavier, more comfortable) car.


Ty Davison said...

Geez, and here I thought all the dancing had paid off. Can't believe that they shut down S-K but not Matt's.

Ginger Ogle said...

Well, I take some comfort in knowing you guys were up on the hill, dancing for all of us. See, at least it paid off *here*...maybe distance affects it, and this is the price we pay for living out-of-district... ;-)

(and, in fairness, that day it actually was worst close to home)