November 16, 2006

Better Living Through Chemistry

I raked the leaves in the front yard on Tuesday while the girls were sleeping. Now, that might sound like a boring, mundane chore to some, but I haven't raked leaves in, oh, twenty years? Every time I tried, it wore me out so thorougly and quickly that I threw in the rake. Not so this time; I paced myself, but was not completely exhausted by the time I finished. (I even did the somewhat aerobic task of flinging them into the front flower beds, where they finish their productive lives as lovely mulch.) This is progress of huge magnitude; those drugs are awesome.

Also, yesterday the first round of dust solutions arrived, and promptly went on our mattress, and several pillows--our bed ones, plus one each for the girls. That will make snuggling not so sneezy! Since we all still have miserable colds and spend a lot of time at night hacking and coughing (and thus, not getting enough sleep), it's far too early to tell how much of a difference they'll make. But it certainly feels good to know that at least we're doing something to help.

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