October 11, 2006

A Small Snag

Pat's doing o.k. at the moment. They decided not to do the cauterizing thing yet, because they need to get her regular blood-thinning medication out of her system (she's been on them since the two strokes). Guess it makes sense that you don't want to do anything to somebody that might make them bleed if their blood isn't going to clot! So we're looking at tomorrow afternoon, or later, for that procedure. They may move her back to a regular room (still on monitors, natch) until then.

The technical term for what's troubling her is atrial flutter. We still don't know how long they may want to keep her in the hospital after they actually do the procedure, or what's next if it doesn't "take." (Matt got to talk with the electrophysiologist--cool name, huh?--yesterday, but they did not discuss failure.) Knowing all this, Matt went back to school today. Our poor speechies have already lost one practice this week (and two days of class with Matt), and in a week and a half they have their first big college tournament. In the grand scheme of things, they'll be fine, but it's a tough way to start the year.

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