October 18, 2006

Quotes from the Chaos

"Mornings are good." ~Carol, explaining what options kids give you for a social life.

"I'll take a six, please." ~Laura, "ordering up" some "big girl underwear" (pull-ups). We only have sixes.

"Yah." ~Emily, when asked--after we hear a thud that sounds suspiciously like a small head coming into contact with the wood floor--"Are you o.k.?"

"I'm NOT a stinker-pot-pie. I'm a GOOF!" ~Laura. I'm really not sure how to explain this one.

"Contributing to the deliquency of a fundamentalist" ~What Ty thinks it is when someone gives very religious books to someone who's already a thumper.

"It's for you." ~me to Matt, after listening (some) to another political recording voicemail from a group that would not bother us IF ONLY MATT WOULD REGISTER WITH A POLITICAL PARTY (you can tell I'm tired of the election already; ordinarily, I don't mind being married to an "Independent". While I'm happy that one party wastes their money on him, I wish they wouldn't call so often.)

"Whew. You scared me. I was reaching for the stapler!" ~Matt, to me.

"I'd like some house." ~Laura, explaining what she'd like for dinner. (We got a picture of her chewing on the refrigerator that day.) Talk about your eyes being bigger than your stomach....

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