October 9, 2006

Pat's Monday Update

Matt spent most of the day at the hospital (he's still there, but I get updates from time to time.) It's good news: she's had no further episodes of her heart stopping, and her pulse is actually normal now. I didn't mention it, but except for the time when her heart was actually out of commission yesterday, she's been alert and in reasonably good spirits pretty much all the time (she's tired, though, so she has taken a fair number of cat naps).

Apparently the heart electrician (I'm sure that's not his title, but it is reasonably descriptive) visited today. The decision was made to not go with a pacemaker yet. They're planning to go in through a vein in her leg, go up to the heart that way, and cauterize some spots in the heart that are "short-circuiting" and causing the arrhythmia. All things going well, this will happen tomorrow afternoon sometime.

Unknown at this point is how long they'll keep her in the hospital, what sort of monitoring they may need to do in the future, and what they'll do next if this doesn't work. I have heard that if the procedure goes o.k., they plan to move her back into a "regular" room and out of the Critical Care Unit. That would be nice.


It never rains, but it pours. This morning I tripped on a toy and mangled my right big toe. I honestly don't know if I broke it or just bruised the heck out of it, but it is turning pretty colors and looking pretty puffy. By comparison, it's not even on the radar, but it's making it more painful to be keeping the home fires burning while we also tend to Pat. On the up side, I've managed to be caught up enough most of the time that our life won't fall completely apart if I keep my foot up a lot for the next few days.

On the other, other hand...our dishwasher is dying. We had a repair guy out to look at it today; it's been making an increasingly loud, scary sounding grinding noise when it runs. When I realized Thursday night that it was impossible to hear anything over the nursery monitor when the thing was washing, I decided we should probably just hand wash things until the repair people could see it (I didn't want to make anything reparable, worse). The parts should be in Wednesday, so that's fine, but I don't really think I'm going to be standing at the sink any time soon. This, too, shall pass! (and, hey, we've got a good supply of paper and plastic ware.)

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