October 27, 2006

October is the Plumbingest Month

Well, if April is the cruellest month, obviously October ranks up there in terms of expense. We did get the dishwasher fixed--apparently, it was leaking, just like the previous one had been before it was replaced as part of the sale agreement. Anyway, it sounds much more normal now and washes just fine.

And then one morning last week, Matt went to the kitchen and found a pool of water on the counter. The sink faucet was leaking around its gaskets. So now we have a shiny new faucet--the old one had been dying for a long time (though I did not expect its last gasp to be quite so dramatic). As an added bonus, since they were under there anyway, the plumbers replaced the shut-off valves to ones that will actually (wow!) shut off the water. What a concept. Also, they turned them in such a way that we can actually use the sprayer attachment--the old one's hose was so constantly getting caught on one of the valve handles under the sink that we mostly gave up on it (Tug. Tug. Oh, @#% it, I'll just do it some other way.) This one is not only shiny and silvery, but you can actually pull it out to use it.

By the way, I have to say I've been really happy with the plumbers we use: if you're local, the name is "A-1 Plumbing" and they're clean, responsive, reasonably honest, and somewhat spendy, IMHO. The first three qualities totally justify the last, in my mind. I don't mind paying for honesty (if that makes sense--I figure if they tell me when I don't have to fix something, they've earned their fee for when I do). Also, the guy doesn't give me the creeps--important for a mom at home with two little girls.

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