October 8, 2006

Not a Good Thing

As I've said before (generally in reference to the day of Laura's birth), it is NEVER a good thing to have trained medical personnel running into one's hospital room. That happened to Pat, Matt's mom, today.

She went into the hospital ER last night, compaining of chest pain, pounding heartbeat, and shooting pains down the arm. Ack! They decided to keep her overnight for observation, and to try and figure out if it was a heart attack; they've decided that it wasn't, but that it was arrhythmia: her pulse was waaaaay high. We went to see how she was doing today, and she was feeling much better as long as she held still; when she went to stand at the sink, her pulse shot up to 190. That's no good (normal range is somewhere around 70-100). They sent her right back to bed.

So, the doc (same doc who supervised her open-heart surgery to replace a valve seven years ago) prescribed a drug--I can't remember the name at the moment--to slow down her heartrate and regulate it. We went to get lunch and bring the girls home.

There was a message when we got home from Matt's sister, who went to visit after we did. Apparently, about the time we finished lunch and were packing children into carseats, something slowed Pat's heart down too much: it actually stopped for several seconds (the cardiac guy has said since that he doesn't think the drug in question would have acted that fast, but they wanted to hurry up and get it back out of her all the same). There were some subsequent "pauses", and she's now in the Critical Care Unit so they can keep an eye on her. She does seem to have stabilized, and was sleeping last we heard.

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