October 14, 2006

The New "Yahoo Mail"

This is trivial, but I know some of you gear-heads love tech stuff, so here goes. :-)

I have a Yahoo account, which I use for freecycling and any obnoxious-looking website that I think might generate tons of spam (I have to keep at least two of my real email accounts at something below the highest level of spam protection because of who may email me. It's a sad life. ;-) ). One thing I must give them credit for: they do an awesome job of screening out the junk. Knowing that freecycle and gardenshare stuff will get through, I just empty the "suspected spam" folder without even looking at it.

They've got this new version of their mail system that's in beta, and finally the pushy "please try this!" screens convinced me. I lasted a day. I mention this because supposedly it's gotten great press. I can see why; it has many cool bells and whistles and doodads. But its dark secret is that it's colossally s l o w .

Now, I have DSL. I am not accustomed to waiting much for web pages anymore. And while my computer isn't brand spanking new, it's new enough that I do not bash my head against its cute little Apple icon, cursing its processor (as I have been tempted to do when forced to use Matt's...). So experiencing this beta was torture. Loading the intro. page was slow. Loading my mail was slow. Loading the "pane" that lets you view the mail was slow. Getting the darn thing to scroll up and down so I could delete a batch of messages was slowest of all (oh, the irony--I just want to trash these things, and I have to wait. And wait. And wait.) The deleting itself didn't take long, in fairness.

I did give this feedback to Yahoo, so I don't feel too bad trashing the thing here. They've got some work to do. Personally, I don't think any bells or whistles are worth it if I can do everything quicker myself!

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Tami said...

Hotmail's new beta also sucks royal mud. Bleh.