October 1, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

I know you're out there, checking madly to see if I've written about last weekend (I do love my counter :-) ). So, I'm sorry you haven't had your blog fix from me lately; it's been one of those ironic weeks where there is much to write about, and little time in which to do the writing!

So. Last weekend was a busy one. We had the Borahs over on Friday night (though they brought a yummy dinner!), had fun getting as caught up as all our respective children would let us, and had chocolate for dessert outside in the gloaming dusk. In spite of our radically different political views, we always enjoy talking with them, in part because--good debaters as we all are--we understand the fundamental truth that we can disagree about issues without disagreeing about our basic values (in speechie terms, we share values, just not criteria for achieving them). And when that runs out, we have a lot in common--five little girls, at last count (place your bets now on the gender of the next Borah child, due in November).

Saturday, we had dinner here with the Davisons four. I sated my lasagna craving (generally an annual event, now that I live with the Food Nazi...that particular dish is at least partly famous [infamous?] for requiring Five Pounds of Cheese.), the children all got a good workout, we sang Happy Birthday to Matt, and we again played out in the back yard as night fell. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to close out summer than eating chocolate with good friends in the dusk (twice!). Good times!

Sunday, Pat and Bill arrived to fete Matt some more; we went to Olive Garden and Matt enjoyed the "Never-Ending Pasta Bowl". I mention it not because our restaurant selections are usually good blogging fodder (pardon the pun), but because it's so unfair that they *always* have that special for his birthday. Me, I have shamrocks and corned beef to look forward to. While I like a good corned beef, it's just not the same. Anyway, Pat got to enjoy feeding Emily ice cream, and spoiling Laura rotten with a whole chocolate milkshake. Who am I to deny Grandma such pleasures? (and now I'm clever enough not to give Laura any dairy on days when I know a milkshake might be in the offing...)

Monday the girls slept. A lot. As I've noted before, they just can't take the high life for long without some recuperation time, and after that much weekend, they were sorely in need of some simple R&R. Before sleeping though, there was even more excitement: we started Preschool Monday morning. I would consider it a success, in that Laura asked for more as soon as she woke up. Singing goofy songs, getting books read to them, seeing flannel-board stories (ooh, aah, a new medium for them), even having little puzzles and drawing and...what's not to like? Fortunately, little kids like repetition, since preparing different materials is what takes me the longest; but they're just as happy seeing the same things five days in a row, and then when I do manage to get something else ready, it's a pleasant surprise. Too bad you can't get away with that in high school! ;-)

Tuesday, we were going to go out for our first speech practice. I got my contract all signed (though I still need to finish up all the official employment forms--the contract is what makes me feel alright actually showing up for work) and knew there were students ready to be heard. However, the universe had other plans in mind. I got the girls all ready--having awoken Laura from her nap--strapped them in the car, and went to start it. To quote Robert Frost, the engine rev went, "Little...less...nothing!" Ack. So, I called to cancel practice for poor Matt (who was then working on the tournament we hosted yesterday); he did practice, stopped to buy some jumper cables, then came home, wolfed dinner, jumped the car, and took it to be fixed. Good news: it was just the battery. Slightly better news: the old battery was still under partial warranty, so we got a hefty discount on the new one, which also includes an even longer warranty and supposedly an even longer life; the total actually ended up being less than the last time we got it replaced (someone pat me on the head for being organized enough to have laid my hands on the receipt from four years ago that got us that discount. Thanks. And now, on with the story.) Bad news: we still had to pay for it, and we lost a precious evening in a crazy week. More good news: the car's been fine since.

Wednesday we shook our sillies out at the library as usual.

Thursday, we finally made it out to practice. As trial runs go, it was great. The girls were happy in Matt's room, their keepers were fantastic, and I felt absolutely wonderful to again be coaching real live high school students. I knew I was tired from being a mom and all, but I don't think I realized until now how very drained and down I had become. On the up side, I've been feeling like my real personality has been coming back in these last few weeks (probably a combination of allergy medication and freedom from being a food factory), and this is the final piece of the puzzle to make me feel like "me" again. Woohoo!

Friday was a buzz of activity prepping for the tournament: packing stuff up to take with us for the girls, matching debate on the dining room table, etc. That brings us up to yesterday, which deserves its own post. Stay tuned!

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