September 12, 2006

Social Flowers

I would say "social butterflies," but in the event(s), pretty much everybody came to us. So we weren't exactly flitting around. But it has been busy!

Tuesday last, Matt started the school year of course. That day, Tami came by with books and--something of a surprise--lots of toys. These should come in handy if I end up going out to practices in the afternoons; I'm planning to keep a special stash out there to keep things new and exciting for the girls. I had actually been surfing the web, seeing what frugal things might be out there to purchase, but hey! now I don't have to. :-) The girls were VERY excited to see all the loot. Many thanks to Tami!

Wednesday was library day with "Mah." The girls were excited.

Thursday, Ty brought over an iMac for Laura (and, I'm sure, eventually Emily). We are now a three-computer family (generally speaking, Laura just uses "keyboard banger" programs so far. I think she needs a little bit more rational thinking skill before we turn her loose on the hard drive....). Of course, in addition to the excitement of the computer, Jonah and Elisha were here to play. There was lots of good play time, and the girls were very excited. Many thanks to Ty!

Notice a trend? Then perhaps you won't be surprised--as I was!--to know that Friday morning, two tired little girls just curled up in my lap in the rocker and rocked....for a good hour! Emily fell asleep, which didn't surprise me, but Laura just cuddled and drowsed. I think they got worn out from being so excited.

Saturday there was much sawing and banging, as the quarter-round pieces were at last (AT LAST!!! It's been what, two years? since we took out the horribly wrongly-installed previous trim so we could paint.) installed in the dining room, entry, and hall. Even if you don't go for feng shui, there is a palpable difference in the house (also, there's no longer a 1.5 centimeter crack all around the edge of the floor, inextricably filled with the Dust of Ages, so it's not just the energy that's healthier!) Everytime I come through the front door, I say "aaaaah, that's so much better!"

Sunday, we met my favorite uncle at church. He was visiting our state from New York (upstate--which is, as he puts it, practically a different country from NYC ;-) ), and brought my grandparents down with him. It happened to be the day of the all-church picnic, so we ate and talked and then went our separate ways.

As I said, it's been busy!

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