September 7, 2006

Pure Joy

It's been a pretty good week, but nothing has beat the fun we had in the car last Friday. For at least a few hours, our oldest knew pure, unadulterated joy: we went to the BEACH.

To put this in perspective, every single time we have gone anywhere in the car for the last month, within a block or so of home, this voice says, "Are we going to the Beach?" "I want to go to the Beach!" So Friday, it was fun to hear the gleeful chanting: "We're going to the BEACH! Yay Daddy, yay Daddy, yay Daddy-daddy-daddy. Yay Mommy, yay Mommy, yay Mommy-mommy-mommy..."etc. The beach did not fall short of expectations; it was a lovely day (around 80 degrees, but with a steady breeze), and although there were not friendly homeschoolers to play with this time, we were at least prepared with some buckets and shovels, and two little girls played happily. As for me, I actually relaxed completely for what may be the first (and therefore, only) time this summer while I lay on the blanket there upon the sand. Of course, between Laura (once) and the wind catching the blanket (twice), I had to take a shower when I got home to get all the sand particles out of my hair. The best things in life ARE dirty, after all! ;-)

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