September 17, 2006

Here We Go....

Friday, I had a phone interview for the assistant speech coach position. I was offered and accepted the job, pending the outcome of my (apparently new and very extensive) background check. So I'm not official yet, but am guessing I will be (not being able to think of anything I've done that would make me unhire-able, and not living in a Michael Crighton novel in which somebody's stolen my fingerprints and appearance and committed a bunch of crimes against least I hope not!)

I have no idea how long the background check takes; because the district in question has had more than its share of ...shall we say...unfortunate incidents? lately, they instituted this more lengthy process, whatever it is, this fall. I don't blame them a bit, especially if it works to protect kids. Yechth. Pervs always give me the shivers.

Enough of the negative: I'm excited about the chance to be working with highschoolers again, and it's always nice to have something to talk about at dinner besides how many stamps Laura has today. I've started mentally preparing Laura, explaining that we're going to go see where Daddy works now and then, and that it'll be a little bit like the nursery at church, with toys and books and people who'll play with her for a little while. And of course, Daddy will be there (a definite bonus!) Speaking of which, at the workshop Matt attended yesterday, there were many little ones. There's been talk of having day care at tournaments, as we are in the middle of a speech coach baby boom! (This should be REALLY fun in 12-16 years, when they may all be competing against each other!)

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Tami said...

BRAVO!! I hope this all works out well and everyone adjusts smoothly and accordingly. The reactivation of your brain cells will feel goooooood. ;)