September 12, 2006


I've been trying to wean Emily gradually, in preparation at least partly for an allergist's appointment I have coming up in November (I guess they like to try and check you in when you're least likely to have allergies). And the weaning will leave me freer to try any cool drugs they might have for me. So I've been using the "Don't ask, don't te", wait, wrong slogan. ;-) It's, "Don't offer, don't refuse" (maybe the Army should use that one instead!)

We were down to three feedings a day. Until last weekend. She bugged me to feed her Saturday night before bed and so I did, then she woke up Sunday morning....done. Finished. Weaned. Turning her little head away and pressing her stubborn little lips together. No memo to Mama, no handy easing off, just stopped cold turkey (believe me, I tried again and again since then.)

I cannot recommend this method as at all comfortable for the mother. In a word: OUCH. Eventually yesterday I couldn't take it anymore and pumped a little to relieve the, er, pressure, but I didn't want to do too much and stimulate more production because, as I think I noted, she's done with me. I'm sure once the swelling and pain dissipate, I will start doing some cartwheels (as long as I'm wearing properly supportive undergarments, of course!)

Because in amongst the short-term suffering, there is something that smells remarkable like freedom. My body has been either pregnant or breastfeeding (or, for a few months, both) since February of 2003. For over three years, my body has not been my own. Continuously. No breaks for good behavior. So I have a backlog of forbidden fruits to sample! First up are the things I haven't been able to have since I started feeding Emily. (Laura was fine as long as I ate no actual raw, fresh vegetables, beans, onions, garlic, broccoli or peppers. I ate a lot of salad while I was pregnant with Emily and done with Laura, since I missed it for so long!) On that list are things like eggs: deviled, scrambled, basted, hard-boiled. Oh, how I love eggs. And peanut butter! Life's just no good without the magic bean (yes, I know some people are allergic. And I encourage them to toast me with their glasses of lemonade I can't have, as I savor my PB&J(s)!) Nuts of all kinds. Cashews and walnuts and almonds, oh my! All the caffeine I can stand (it's not that much actually, but it's nice not to have to think about the effects later). Adult beverages of sundry and various types. Peppers again, not that they're all that high on my is nice to have them to season things here and there. Garlic and onions and lots of fish (I think Emily had a thing about protein--peanuts, eggs, and fish--what are the odds? And they would have to be my favorite sources for lean protein! [PB can be pretty lean, if you buy the "natural" stuff and pour off most of the oil before mixing it. We do. You just have to be strong to get it out of the jar, so it's doubly good for you.])

I'm trying not to have it all at once (frankly, a fried-egg-and-peanut-butter sandwich just doesn't work for me!). But if I'm not writing, figure I'm just eating for a while.

I also celebrated (in a "Whunk! I coulda had a V-8!" sort of revelation--I should have thought of this yesterday, but I was still in shock) by calling my doc and asking for one of the allergy meds. I took before getting pregnant--some of what I call "the GOOD drugs" that make me able to work outside. Woohoo! Maybe the fall's not a total loss in the garden, if the weather holds out long enough for the drugs to kick in....

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Tami said...

Yay! Yay for weaning! As a breastfeeding advocate, I'm supposed to tell people it's OKAY to nurse as long as both parties are happy etc etc, and if the child is 6 years old, it's OKAY to still be nursing. Blah blah...

I started to push Noah to wean when he sat at snack at childcare one day and asked his teacher for 'boobie' for his snack. *sigh*

Job well done, mama!