August 9, 2006

Two Robi(y)ns in a Row

Yesterday we had a wonderful time with friends; J.J. and Robin were in the area, helping Laura (the Older) and Eric move back to Oregon. Since we haven't seen Laura much since she moved to the other coast, it was great to reconnect (and of course we always like seeing J.J. and Robin; and it was fun to get to know Eric a little better.) We bravely took our children to a public place for lunch, and nobody died.

I must say, I'm grateful to all our currently child-less friends who are still willing to hang out with us (and The Children). It's a challenge, not least because of the 80% rule: at any given time, only about 80% of a parent's brain is focused on the task/conversation/idea at hand. The other 20% is devoted to making sure that the children are not terrorizing people, are staying where they're supposed to be, are eating what they're supposed to (and nothing else), etc., etc. It's also hard because way more than 20% of one's eye contact must, of necessity, go towards the children; for visual people like us, that can seem to show a lack of attentiveness. But we are listening, honest. I know I've gotten good at simultaneously listening to an adult and saying, sotto voce, "Sit DOWN." Motherhood: the origin of all multi-tasking! (Another irritating factor, for me at least, is the lack of quality sleep. I manage to get eight hours in any one twenty-four hours period, but it's not the same as contiguous hours, and I am a little fuzzy...okay, a LOT fuzzy around the edges because of that. At least I hope it's that; the other option is that I'm the first person in my family to get dementia--and at such an early age, too!)

Laura (the Younger) seems to have formed a strong attachment to Robin, who good-naturedly suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous toddler love. Since they've only met a few times, I figure Robin must have some good mojo going for her, and we're currently in contract talks to market it. ;-)

We got to see pictures of J.J. and Robin's cruise to Alaska (my personal favorites were the glaciers dropping into the sea). As a side note, if you're planning to visit, always bring pictures for me. I've never understood the whole, "Oh, yawn, so-and-so is threatening to do a slide show from their vacation." I like that stuff, and besides, I file away information from it to see if I ever want to go where they've gone. Living vicariously has always been fun for me, possibly because I have hermit-ish tendencies. Anyway, bring on the pics, and don't be shy!

In order to thoroughly confuse Laura (the Younger), we're expecting to have dinner with Robyn tonight (I think she'll be fine, actually; she's seemed to be okay with more than one person having the same name.). Laura also seemed to have attached herself to Robyn the last time they were together. (Coincidence? Hard to tell. I have already apologized for naming Emily "Emily," in case the name has something to do with it. ;-) Of course, name statistics being what they are, Laura will probably meet around 100 Emilys by the time she's six.)

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