August 8, 2006

Remember the Milk

I think I'm in love. I've just found Remember the Milk, and I heartily recommend it. It is a web-based to-do list keeper, complete with RSS feeds for your lists, email reminders, and programmers who actually support (and communicate) with their users.

It may not work for everyone, but it suits me to a 'T'. Just so you know my biases, I'm not really that organized....that is, I like to be organized but it does not come naturally to me, especially when I'm in creative mode (you should see my desk at the end of a teaching lesson...or, God forbid, teaching day! I also often say [and it's true] that I'm organized, but not tidy; a key distinction.) I think partly because of that, I prefer to-do lists to just a calendar. While I of course keep track of appointments and such on a calendar, I don't schedule everything that needs doing ("8:30: Dust mantel"); perhaps I should, but I don't. I'm much more likely to glance at my lists and say, "It's 8:30. What do I feel like doing that's on my list? Or what needs to be done before 8:45?" If you work that way, too, RTM may be just what you've been longing for. It allows you to enter events with times and dates, so it can double as a calendar, but it's really set up for the inveterate list-maker.

Palm Desktop was the last program I really loved (rendered useless by iPod software...I've been somewhat adrift ever since, which is one reason I've neglected everybody's birthdays!), and iCal has tried to take its place, but this program beats them both all hollow as far as I'm concerned.

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