August 17, 2006

Life Lately

Laura did just fine with the second Robyn; she had to back and fill for a moment to verify that this was not "the J.J. Robin", but soon settled in to her usual mauling routine. In discussing it with Robyn, we decided that the reason it's so cool to be accepted by a picky child (or, for that matter, an animal) is because it's so honest. You know the child/pet isn't trying to sell you something, or even just being polite. And that is what makes it an honor: it's just a genuine recognition of something cool about YOU.

Emily and I both had doctor appointments Thursday; I finally made the switch so I have the same doc the girls do. I am already pleased; among other things, I have a referral to a specialist and an ultrasound scheduled to check up on something (else) that's been bothering me (I didn't ask for either; I just laid out all my niggling complaints and let the doc decide what was worth following up on.) I've also got an eye appointment next week; adding to my lack of blogging lately is that my eyes have lately taken a severe turn south; sitting at the screen for just a few minutes gives me a headache. Wah. Hopefully that'll be fixable. Oh, and for those keeping score, Emily was a bit short (in the 50%) but weighed in the 90% range. Doc predicts that means she was about to have a growth spurt (judging by the clothes I just had to file away, it is already occurring!)

Friday we went to the beach again. It was, again, a wonderful day. The weather was a little cooler, though that just meant it was comfortable to keep our hats on, and we had quite an adventure. A big group of people was near us, with lots of cool sandcastle toys and buckets and things, and Laura was irresistably drawn close to the toys. Matt encouraged her to come back to our "camp" and our own (boring but workable) toys. Not long after, an emissary arrived from the toy camp, offering to have Laura come over and play. I went, too (Emily stayed behind to nap on Matt for a while), and eventually one of the moms of the group came over to strike up a conversation. Turns out that half of the group were also from our town, joined by a sibling and her family from Idaho (mom, dad, and six kids.) Both sisters homeschooled, so I had an educational conversation about the perils and pitfalls thereof; having had a few homeschooled kids arrive in my classes, I didn't feel too out of my depth. And it is, after all, all teaching. Anyway, it was wonderful of them to share their goodies, and we stayed until it was time to leave for dinner.

We dined in Depoe Bay, at Gracie's Sea Hag, and I'm still drooling. The clam chowder was the best I've ever had (in reading their web page, I see now that it's world famous, but Friday it was just a big surprise). The clams weren't chewy, but were terrifically tender, and there was quite a lot of bacony and buttery goodness as well. The entree was heavenly (even without the hollandaise sauce, which, sadly, having lemon in it, is not allowed), too (salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp.) It was a bit above our normal "$$" rating, but as I said at the time, it was certainly worth it. Yum!

Matt had some outpatient surgery on Monday, and he's fine, but he can't lift anything over 10 pounds. That pretty much eliminates everybody here except Fiona, the smallest cat. So I've been getting quite the workout with solo changing, dressing, bathing, and general lifting duties for both girls (did I mention that only 10% of 1-year olds weigh more than Emily???) Driving, too, though that's just as well since school will be starting soon and I'd like to keep up our weekly library visits even without Matt along.

Tuesday we celebrated our anniversary. We've decided that the traditional lists are wrong; anniversaries number 7 and 8 should clearly offer pain medication as gifts. (Last year at this time, I was struggling with my nasty incision, leftover from the C-section....) Here's hoping for more great years, and, umm, painless celebrations!

Wednesday, Emily gave us our present a day late: she staggered a few steps, forgetting to hold on to anything. She has repeated the feat several times today, though still prefers the speed and security of crawling. It is the End of an Era.

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