August 31, 2006

Library Loot

All that reading this summer really paid off. Both girls won raffle prizes (books, of course!), and between those and the "book bucks" we spent on used picture books, we came home with quite a bag full of goodies. Not wanting to limit ourselves to books, Emily also came home with a cheap toy tambourine ("Hey, little tambourine girl, play a song for me...") and Laura selected a hot pink smiley-face bubble necklace, and a shiny purple bead necklace. I don't remember ordering a girly-girl (this is the same child who allows us to put her in shorts only because there's usually a dress on top), but it appears that's what got sent. Too late to exchange her now!

Truth be told, we'd read just as much without the library's incentive program. It is nice, though, to have tangible rewards (for me, just as much as the children--who did all that reading TO them?? I'm always happy to have new and new-to-us books in the house; that's MY reward!). And today when we were explaining why Daddy has to go off to work in the mornings, we even used the "book bucks" system to explain how, just like the library rewards us for reading, Daddy's work gives him money for working. (and that's how we get food, and clothes, and toys). I'm not at all sure that the basic microeconomics lesson sunk in (it's early days yet!), but we felt awfully smug about using prior knowledge to teach with. It's obviously time for the school year to start, so our children can escape from all these teachers in their house!

Speaking of which, I may soon be back at work in a limited way. There's always a chance that some dark horse candidate who's better suited to the job than I am will apply, so I shan't count my chickens. But I have filed my application to be Matt's assistant coach this year. The more I think about it, the more eager I am to be back in the game. I miss speech, and I miss high school kids. (And as Matt pointed out, it's high time we started indoctrinating the girls. It's never too early to start looking for interp. pieces, after all.... ;-) ) Anyway, I wouldn't, of course, be able to go to all the tournaments (can you imagine taking two girls in diapers to a three-day speech tournament, including staying at a [strange] hotel, keeping them awake from 5 AM until 10 or 11 PM, expecting them to be quiet and well-behaved that whole time? Without illegal drugs? Me, neither.) But we might manage a one-day-er here and there--shorter days, shorter drives, no hotels. And I do plan to do a lot of the after school practices, which is the other half of what Matt really needs an assistant for. Wish us luck! (either in having the job work out, or in it not and having that be a good thing.)


Tami said...

Ohhh GOOD LUCK! It's always good to leave mommydom behind for a few hours and engage your more intellectual side for awhile. Makes the brain feel good and all...

I am needing to weed through some of our 'books for the younger set' or there will be no more room to walk through the apartment. Interested? We could use it as an excuse to meet up again yanno.. ;)

Ginger Ogle said...

FREE Books? Are you kidding? Sign me up! (and thanks.) That's my number two addiction (right behind chocolate) ;-).

and any excuse is a good one to hang out. :)

Tami said...

Okay, I got right on it tonight and I have two grocery bags full. Some of them aren't great, others are cool books that we actually had duplicates of. Others are cool ones that they've just outgrown. Some of them are well-loved. I know that will pain Laura, but maybe you guys can tape them better than I did, heh. Some of them have a little writing in them, which embarrasses me some, but I can say for sure that a couple of them had writing in them when we got them, LOL! One have to take them all, because if you have them out to sort through them in front of the kids, I'll have to take them all back home and I AM NOT DOING THAT! ;)