July 16, 2006

Today's Fun Family Quotes

Laura and Matt have a mutual disgust society going, centered around that hallmark of human activity that tries hard not to be mentioned in polite society: gas. The following exchange actually occurred:

Matt: [censored]
Laura: You're DANGEROUS!

(Yes, my darling daughter, Daddy is dangerous. I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice. Sometimes, he gives Mommy asthma attacks. But then again, my darling girl, you are often pretty hazardous yourself.)
Several weeks ago, Laura noted, as she had a cold, "My nose is stuck."
As previously mentioned, we do like the Beatles. Perhaps to excess. When listening in on our discussions of Emily's upcoming birthday--and that she'll be 1--Laura says, "I'M sixty-four."

But hey, we still feed her.


Tami said...

Ha! Noah's very first words to FarmerJoe were, "dat you?" It was, of course, in reference of his (Noah's) very own fart. He was two at the time as well. Kids are crazy.

Tami said...

Noah requested bacon as part of his lunch the other day. I told him I'd start cooking it in a minute. He walked to the fridge and came back, with a package of bacon in his hands. He said, "Mom, please make me bacon. I brought you some pig."