July 23, 2006

Super Fire Hot BBQ

We decided to have a little get-together Saturday. Of course, that was before we realized how HOT it was going to be (the LOW temperature for the day set a record for heat, if that makes sense--it never got below 74 degrees. Around here, 74 degrees is a pretty nice high temperature for the day). But, our game little band ventured outside anyway (by then, it was better there than in the main floor of the house. And it's hard to barbeque in the basement.)

So out we went. Dennis shared his pictures from Singapore (including some beautiful orchids and a snapshot of the Prez's doppelganger, who he found in the local zoo.) Some of the local monkeys were interested in Dennis' new computer. And there were a lot of hot women in our backyard, too. It'd been way too long since we saw Joe and Carol and Ella and Hannah and Dennis.

(A note about Blogger and pictures, which eventually I'll incorporate into the sidebar of the photoblog: If you want to see a bigger version of a picture, just click on it once. Clicking on the resulting, bigger picture, will zoom in a little more if that's possible for that picture. For the record, it does this automatically. I like these people!)

Sunday we lay around, fanning ourselves, as the humidity from the previous day abated while the mercury climbed even higher. The house did cool off a little bit this morning, but the basement refuge takes a beating when it's been this hot, for this long (I'd still rather sleep down there than anywhere else in the house, but eventually even concrete and earth and elevation don't keep out the heat. Oh, and we lost power for a while yesterday, so the fans all stopped during the hottest part of the day. At least we're not in NYC.)

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