July 19, 2006

Fwd: The Body of Christ...

Matt send this to our vicar (and cc'd it to me, of course) just now.

I am in tears.

Guess that whole church thing has rubbed off on 'em.

Begin forwarded message:

>The Body of Christ...


>I thought you would find this funny, and I was afraid I would forget
>to mention it on Sunday.

>Laura has a little plate upstairs in my office where she plays while
>I'm up there. I have a bag of cheerios. I put a small handful in the
>plate for her to snack on.

>Today she had her little plate and was giving out the O's to me and
>Emily saying "Daddy, the body of Christ, the bread of life. Emily, the
>body of Christ, the bread of life..."

>What could I say but "Amen"?

>Happy Wednesday!

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