July 9, 2006

A Festive 4th

Against the odds, we had a great time on the 4th of July.

I say against the odds because we sort of were at loose ends; nobody
planned a BBQ (at least not that we were invited to...), we didn't have
plans to go anywhere to see fireworks, and yet, we had a lovely
four-day weekend to enjoy. So, we did what anyone would do under the
circumstances: we threw a block party.

(Credit where it's due: it was actually one of our neighbors saying
it'd be cool to schedule a block party sometime soon [I think this was
on Saturday] that made us think, "Hmmm. Nobody works on the 4th of
July. Good day for it! To heck with the state of the yard...")

Several sausages, potato salads, watermelon, and other goodies later,
we reflected on the good time we had. As a plus, we got to know our
neighbors better (including another speechie. We are everywhere;
resistance is futile.) One day soon I'll post the sidewalk chalk art
that's decorating our patio.

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