June 25, 2006

What a Week!

Well, Matt's back home, safe and sound. He enjoyed Dallas, and of
course Nationals is always fun (though hard work, too.)

I am trying to take a few days off from the long, long list of summer
projects that is calling out to me; since I had a very nasty cold the
whole time Matt was gone, I have a bit of recovering to do. It was not
a fun week, although we survived. In fairness, I have to say that
Laura was wonderful, all things considered: she helped out in a lot of
ways, and was much less obnoxious that in times past, even though she
missed her Daddy quite a bit. (I wrote all the days of the week he'd be
gone on the whiteboard in our kitchen, and we crossed one off each
night, so she'd have a visual--and countable--reassurance that he'd
return.) Anyway, both of the girls also had the nasty cold (Laura
caught it last, and got over it first--ah, to be young and have an
undamaged immune system!), and then eventually even Mah--my main
support/rescue/emergency person--caught it, too! So we all just limped

One welcome diversion was the work the city did on our street all week.
The Water Department was putting in new meters, and incidentally (since
they were in there anyway?) newer and bigger pipes between the meter
and the main. So we got to stand at the window and see them using the
diggers and cutters and jackhammers and pavement-smasher-downers and
regular ol' shovels, and special shovels, too. It was pretty exciting,
actually (I think Laura got bored before I did....), and knowing it
wouldn't go on all summer made the noise and the rattling of the house
bearable. There are now a bunch of patched places in the street
(watching them scoop the pavement off in big chunks was a favorite
moment), and an equal bunch of missing squares of sidewalk, filled in
with gravel. My only regret is that they didn't remove more of our
sidewalk; I could see the square next to the one they removed, being
lifted up a bit with their work....in two pieces, since it's cracked
down the middle. Oh, well....some other time, maybe.

Another interesting side effect of their work is that the massive
"water hammer" that has always been part of life in the house has
apparently gone away. (No one mourns its passing, especially since it
was loudest in the nursery). Something else probably nobody but us
would notice is that the toilets have a lower water level in their
bowls now. Gotta love water pressure and all it can do....carve
canyons, power machinery, lower toilet bowl levels!

On a completely other note, Emily very nicely waited until her Daddy
was back home to perfect pulling herself up. She did the deed today,
and I'm certain will soon have a whole new set of bruises to show for
it. Obviously got a bit of the daredevil somewhere in her genes,
judging by her lack of hesitation after spectacular falls!

On a completely *other* other note, we got the house appraised two
weeks ago. We still don't know what it's value is (haven't gotten our
copy of the appraisal yet), but obviously the bank DOES, since they
sent us a note saying we had achieved the object of the appraisal:
removing the private mortgage insurance from the loan. Considering the
housing market, we figured it was a shoo-in, but still, it's nice to
have it go away earlier than scheduled. We'll probably spend the extra
bit of monthly money on bandaids and Neosporin (see previous

I'm hoping this will be the beginning of a return to more faithful
blogging. The pumpkins already have little buds on them (I did manage
to get outside to water them a few times last week), and I'd hate for
anyone to miss the excitement! ;-)


Ty Davison said...

It's not official, but you can see estimated house prices via www.Zillow.com. (Does not support Safari—use Firefox.)

Awesome to have the PMI removed!

Ginger Ogle said...

Oh, yeah--I've been all over Zillow. It's awesome. (and was one of the spurs that made me think of having the appraisal in the first place. :-) ). But I don't really have a way of knowing how close to accuracy it is for our area...and to be honest, I had a little sticker shock when I saw how it valued our house. According to it, when we put in accurate information--most notably, the livable square footage--our house had *doubled* in value since we purchased it five years ago.

Now that's appreciation!

So you can see why we want to look at the appraisal (which is supposedly on its way, now.)

P.S. Having tried Firefox, when my computer gets better, I'm switching over to it completely. I try to be loyal, but Mozilla has spanked Mac on this one!