June 7, 2006

Scenes from life...

Baby Sign: Emily doesn't participate much in the signing yet, but she
seems to have created her own little sign. Disconcertingly, it seems
to mean me.

She stares at the audience in a deep and meaningful way, starts saying
"Mmmmmmmmmm. Mamamah!"....and thrusts her right index finger firmly
into her right nostril!

Is this based on confusion over just how she connects to the feeding
apparatus? Or a comment on my accuracy in the middle of the night? I
don't think I want to know...
Alternatives to the Heimlich: Emily again, eating some more-solid
food. She gags--not choking, but obviously with something teetering on
that tickle spot in the throat where you're not sure which passage it's
going to go down.

Matt says, "Does she need help?" I say, "Yes, I think so!" He gasps
and reaches for her. *She* gasps...and, seeing what has occurred, I
say, "Or, you could just scare her so much that she aspirates the
offending food particle. Problem solved!"
Been there, Done that: I give Emily back a toy she's dropped out of her
highchair. Laura, from another chair, shakes her head and says, with
the voice of tired experience: "You know she's going to drop that
And last but not least:

Mending Tape, Yet Again: The library's bookstore (run by "Friends of
the Library" as a permanent fundraiser) has been having a special on
kid's books this month, mostly those that have been withdrawn from the
library proper for one reason or another (two for one; get 'em while
they're hot!) My operative, authorized to make some minor purchases,
returned from perusing them with some good ones, but of special note
was a board book, "Mrs. Wishy-Washy."

The whole series (I think there are four or five of them) have become
favorites in the house, so it was welcome. But upon closer inspection,
I realized that the spine had been taped. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure
that's MY handiwork! So, (evil glint in my eye), now I know how to get
books for cheap--just tape 'em up, and wait until they're withdrawn!
(In actuality, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the tape per se, but the fact
that by the time we got the book [checked out the last time, not now
where we own it], the binding was about a third missing. But I enjoyed
the brief scheming moment.)

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