June 10, 2006

Recent Events

...or, why you might not hear so much from me in the next few weeks. Nothing too traumatic, don't worry!

Reason Number One: My beloved computer is currently deader than a doornail. It will have to just sit until Matt gets back from Texas, since all the obvious solutions have been attempted, and we still can't get a pulse (and there's no space in the schedule to get it to the ER. Fortunately, computers are resurrectable in ways that people aren't.) Also happily, we are a two-computer family, so whenever I can get to Matt's, I can at least check my email, surf the web as needed, etc. Time for blogging will, however, be in shorter supply than usual. (But hey, I have all summer to bore you, right? ;-) ).

Reason Number Two: Matt's last week of school is this week, and then he's off to play...er, supervise a student who's competing at Nationals. (His plan for Father's Day 2006: Six Flags Amusement Park. You can bet I'm refining my plans for Mother's Day 2007....) I will be a single parent for a while, and while I have (drum roll!) gotten Emily to sleep in her crib quite a bit this week--thus ensuring my sanity and, possibly, cleanliness while I fly solo--I expect I'll be mentally tired, if not physically tired, at the end of each day. So I might or might not feel up to writing; only time will tell.

Reason Number Three: Emily has started crawling! While temporarily this is great in that she's been kept very busy lurching around to things she's previously only been able to look at, I see the future. The future involves Emily getting into *everything*, especially things we've gotten relaxed about, since we've either trained Laura to leave them alone, or she lost interest in them on her own. Besides, Laura has always been a *cautious* child; Emily rushes in where angels fear to tread! So I expect that shortly I'll be running after the baby, averting disasters wherever I can. This, more than anything else, could curtail my writing. We'll see!

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