May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Pilgrimage

When Matt asked me what I wanted to "do" for Mother's Day (often code
in our house for what item we'd like to check off our "I want"
list...), I said I wanted to go on a pilgrimage and deliver flowers.
So we did!

I went out to the back yard this morning and gathered white lilac (it's
the neighbor's, but it hangs over nicely into our yard), lots of Dutch
iris, some lavender, and a few forget-me-nots. I packed them in
traveling gear (little baggies, each with a paper napkin and some
water, rubber-banded around the stems, whole caboodle stuck in a
recyclable vase-like object, and then set into a diaper-wipe box,
filled in with newspapers. It worked really well, actually, even
though they were in the trunk.), we gathered weapons and ammo for the
girls, and off we went.

Almost. Our first stop was *going* to be Mah's, but she arrived here,
flowers in hand for me, before we could get out the door. I laughed,
and we swapped flowers. (She had picked out two little roses; one just
a bud, one partly open, as symbolic of my two little girls. A nice
gesture, especially since we've both read _The DaVinci Code_. ;-) )

Next up was Grandma Pat's house; since she was the farthest away, she
was actually expecting us. We were able to get out and play in her
back yard for a little while (and Matt was drafted to cobweb her
vaulted ceiling; tall people are handy like that.)

The last two stops were vacant, alas, but we delivered our nosegays
anyway. And I did get to talk to Julie while we were en route for a
while, which, as I pointed out, was probably a higher quality of
conversation than we would have managed with the children running
hither and thither.

The girls slept in the car, Matt's planning take-out for dinner, and I
have only changed one diaper today (and it's looking good for the rest
of it...). What more could a mother ask for?

Oh, and yesterday Matt got some of the veggie garden actually turned.
I mixed up some fertilizer, had just enough compost to add, and I think
I might go out and rake it smooth here in a few minutes....I did
confess to one item on the "I want" list, that being some chicken wire
or hardware cloth to put over the bare dirt until the plant babies are
up and growing; we have quite a bunch of cat people in our
neighborhood, and they always heed the siren song of freshly dug dirt.

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