May 5, 2006

A Golden Day

I have to make a note of this, since I realize it hasn't happened much lately.

Laura was angelic (mostly) today. We got to go outside and play with "rockies" and "Mah" this morning; Laura did all her screaming outside, kept her feet off Emily's blanket, stayed out of the flower beds, and shared crackers with me. Emily played happily in her portable crib for quite a while, then wanted a little company but was still happy. I got half of the bed along our north fence free of bluebells and (other) weeds, plus did some weeding elsewhere. Going back inside did not involve screams, chasing, or struggling.

Can it be that Laura got the memo about her half-birthday, figures she's been "two" for a year now, and is moving on? I'll try not to get my hopes up too far...

Being at the stage of life we are, we really enjoy the comic "Baby Blues." I especially identified with the one two weeks ago today; to see it, go to:, then select the "Friday, April 21, 2006" date in the pull-down menu and hit "Get Comic." That is soooo my life, and I do love it...and I have fifteen and a half years!

This is not meant to be bragging, since I think so far all we've done is provide genes and a reasonably supportive environment. Laura, however, consistently makes me chuckle whenever I get those updates on the "average" kid her age (and, as a disclaimer, she crawled late, walked late, and still is not interested in bathroom this is more along the lines of how much fun it is to watch, as opposed to my kid being better than someone else's; a fruitless comparison in the first place!). So the one I got yesterday said,

Your child is becoming increasingly good at matching words with the objects they describe. She can name a few body parts, some colors, and even a friend or two. You can help her improve her verbal skills by giving her details. If she says "Dog sleep," for example, you might say, "Yes, Spot is curled up and fast asleep on the chair." She can't imitate your complex language patterns just yet, but she's learning more all the time.

The heck she can't imitate our "complex language patterns," and frankly, we're trying NOT to give her details about some things at this point since she picks things up so quickly. Wednesday she looked at her Daddy towards the end of dinner and said (verbatim) : "Would you please get up off of your chair and help me down now?" I know adults who don't string that many words together (we especially like the "would you please" part; that's a *very* nice change!). She's also been making the connections between baby signs (we have four board books--complete with pictures of babies performing the signs--of them checked out from the library, and she carries them from room to room, drilling herself and then pestering me to read them. Again. And again.) and the corresponding English and, occasionally, Spanish words.

All this verbal skill also makes it easier for her to play tyrant (we call her "little Napoleon" sometimes), which we allow when it suits us. For instance, everyday at nap time, we get everybody changed, then the three of us sit on her bed to read a book (or two if Mommy can be snookered into it and Emily isn't feeling too tired). We finish reading, do hugs and blow kisses, and then Laura points at Emily and me and says, "Now you go upstairs." This is much better than crying passionately about being left alone, so, whatever works!

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