May 3, 2006

Garden Gloating

Yesterday, we had fresh salad from the garden. We probably could have
had some sooner, but the planets didn't align for me to go and pick it
and wash it, and for there to still be time to eat it. Though I've had
lots of help, there's something very satisfying about the first fresh
produce of the season!

Today, I planted the other half of the "castle" bed, so there'll be
lots more salads to come.

Update on the bluebell battle: they've started going to seed, so I've
started decapitating them instead of digging them up (it's quicker).
I'll just have to finish the initial assault later, or next year. I
did finish clearing out my herb bed, the front beds, and the whole area
where I put all my free perennials; at least I have that much
satisfaction. I try to keep reminding myself that surely by this time
next year, I will not be feeding Emily (or certainly, not much!) and
will be able to take the good drugs that'll let me stay out longer than
an hour a day in the pollen. *That* is on the list of things that
drive me insane, though I'm definitely grateful for any time I do get
(and I'm happy to be the one feeding her, too.). Patience has never
been on my list of virtues, sadly.

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