April 3, 2006

Spring Break, the Rest

Well, we're all kind of tired and Laura has a cold, but we got tons

I picked up some more plants Saturday: lilies, crocosmia, violets, and
some others. Never let me complain about our soil again! For one
thing, I found out last week that we have silty loam, which is about
the best dirt you can have here short of shipping some in from the
Midwest (the government has an agency that maps out soil, probably foot
by foot, as to specific composition and therefore type. Really. They
have a program that lets you zero in on your own property if you
want.). For another, the soil I dug those plants out of was pure clay!
Oh, you could tell they'd tried to amend it with sand, but I could
have thrown a couple pots with the stuff that stuck to those plants.
It was incredibly heavy for its volume, and Oh! the difference between
it and the dirt I dug here for the holes for those new plants! Heaven,
by comparison.

We did many, many chores and odd jobs, though as usual, there are still
items left on the List. We were pretty ruthless about prioritizing,
though, and spent a few minutes Sunday night trying to pat ourselves on
the back. We would have, but our arms were pretty tired, too!

Over the course of the week, we also spend some time goofing off.
Recent or current reads include:

Three Christopher Buckley books: _Thank You for Smoking_, _Florence of
Arabia_, and _No Way to Treat a First Lady_. I find his humor
irresistible and his characters lovable rogues. They are excellent,
intellectual fun, and dead-on satire.

Anna Quindlen, _Blessings_. This one's a novel; I've only ever read
her essays, which I love. I do occasionally--though seldom--disagree
with her views, but most of the time I find myself figuratively
slapping the page and saying, "Yes, exactly!" If I ever did a Vulcan
Mind Meld with an author, it would be her. We'll see if I like her
fiction that much.

Kevin Phillips, _American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the
Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush_. This one is pretty heavy
going, but promises to be fuel for many, many discussions to come. The
author was a Republican, too, until, as he puts it, "Number 41 made me
an independent."

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