April 26, 2006

The Scope of the Problem

Since I've complained so many times about the foul Spanish Bluebells, I thought I'd give you a bit of a visual (I was stupid and went out twice yesterday, so I'm taking today off. The reading on my "Peak Flow Meter" this morning was not pretty. You'd think someone who's tolerably bright, who knows they're allergic to trees, would know better, especially when there are currently four trees blooming *right in our yard*, but alas, no.)

Anyway, the first picture is of the herb bed. All of the bare dirt visible on this side of the fence used to be covered in bluebells. Many of the herbs were not visible. In the background are the nasties I still have to get to; since they aren't choking anything, I may just decapitate them if I run out of time this year.

The next picture was taken by literally turning 180 degrees, to look at the as-yet-unfought battalions massed under the maple tree. Of all the places I have to dig them out of, this is lowest on my list; I don't want them to go to seed, of course (my least favorite part is fishing tiny little "bulblets" from the dirt, knowing that if I don't, they'll be full-sized by next year. They come well-equipped for survival, like rattlesnakes!). But there's not much that'll grow there anyway, so they aren't actually hurting anything. Well, except for the other bulbs I have planted there.

Standing on the edge of the previous pic's frame, this is the bed along the north side of our property. The blue is bluebells, and the white is, too. This is priority #3, after the front beds and the east side.

If you've never been here, in the background are my compost bins (thanks, Matt!) and our "castle" raised bed. In the foreground are Laura's rockies.

Finally, this is where I've been decimating the enemy in the last few days. The plants in the foreground are some of the free perennials I got this spring; they are grateful for the elbow room they just got, though obviously I have a ways to go.

Not visible is the heap of the fallen; it is actually just to the left of this shot, and is about 2.5 feet by 3 feet by 5 feet. At least I get to recycle all that organic matter.

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