April 24, 2006

Mending Tape

It has come to my attention that children are hard on books. Even
those sturdy little board books from the library take a beating, both
before we get to them, and certainly while they're here ("Books OUT of
the bathroom! Books don't LIKE water!").

I've also figured out that part of the library's budget goes to
replacing them fairly often. So, both to help stretch those tax
dollars and to lengthen our enjoyment of the ones we own, I've invested
in some book mending tape.

Libraries generally don't like patrons mending books, in large part
because they don't have the right tape; ordinary "Scotch" tape curls,
gets brittle, and quickly breaks, leaving an even worse tear than
before (because now the edges of the tear are reinforced!) This stuff
cures that problem. It is what vellum is for paper: absolutely yummy
to handle and use. Of course, the best course is to teach the little
buggers how to feed and care for books, but encouraging readers is
bound (ahem.) to cause a few casualties. If you have small children
(with books) in your life, I highly recommend it.

1 comment:

Ty Davison said...

Where can one purchase this magical tape? It sounds like exactly what the book doctor ordered.