April 11, 2006


Emily said her first word: "Mama!" I figure it's countable, since I
have a reasonably objective witness (Matt, who, since he's been holding
out for "Dada", of course, wouldn't lie about it.) Besides, she was
being carried away from me at the time, and held her arms out towards
me as she said it. Smart girl.

Emily has also taken at least 4 partial naps in the Pack-n-Play over
the last few days, which is approximately two more than Laura took in
her entire infancy. This bodes well both for the transition to the
crib proper, and for ME getting to have some free time while they're
both napping. At least on days when I don't need a nap myself, which
will hopefully become less and less rare as Em transitions more to
solid food.

Laura has taken to reading to Emily and me. She's getting pretty good,
since she seems to have a knack for memorizing books whole (of course,
the fact that she convinces me to read them to her first-- a LOT--
doesn't hurt that process.) I also frequently smile as I hear her
reciting books whole to herself as she falls asleep (she takes a LONG
time to fall asleep, whether at night or at nap, but as long as she's
happy, who cares?). She often goes through quite a medley of her song
repertoire, too.

Her current thing that cracks me up is talking on her little phone:
"Hewhoa. This is O. G. Ogle. Yes, baby got shots. So, I'm calling.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh. O.K. That'd be fine. O.K., bye!"
[hangs up. Waits. Picks up receiver again.]
"Hello? Are you coming over? O.K., that'd be fine. Yes, I'm just
here, eating my cwah-wa-wer (exaggerated crunching of the cracker).
And Emily Baby is over dere and she is fine and Mommy is in her chair.
O.K., talk to you later, bye!"

And then I think about those little updates I get from BabyCenter.com
that say the average 29-month old should be able to say simple
sentences like "Go car!" Ooooookay. I guess nobody here is "average"
in the first place.

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Danny said...

Well, speaking of firsts...

I found you! I followed the links on SideshowJ's blog and saw a link to your blog. I just had to click on it and see what you were up to. You're now in my news reader along with your photoblog. Definitely been out of touch too long. Now I can read up on the latest and greatest news from the Ogle family. :)