April 23, 2006

The End of the Season...

Whew! You might have noticed I haven't posted much this week; it's not
for want of wanting to.

Matt's been gone for the last three days at State, and Emily is on the
move, so I've been a little crazed. Except for the week he's gone in
June, though, the speech season is officially over at last. Bring on
those weekend barbecues, folks, we're finally free. :-) That's not to
say we're not still going to be frantically busy, as usual, doing all
the things we've been procrastinating in favor of school and speech,
but it's definitely easier to be social now.

It was a nice end to the season; he has several seniors, some of whom
realized upon arrival back at the high school that this was IT, the
end. Many of them were in finals as well, no small feat. Congrats to
all, and remember, you can always relive those special times by coming
back to judge!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....Emily has mastered the art of
directional rolling. She can't crawl quite yet, but between reeeeaching
over from a sitting position, bouncing a bit on her behind, and rolling
to and fro, she can now successfully get to a distant objective. Once
she reaches it, she tends to roll over--like a sea otter--onto her
back, prize in hand, the better to thoroughly chew, drool, and
generally teethe on said prize. I expect to spend a few days
surreptitiously storing away Laura toys which may be unsafe Emily
objectives. It's either that or hold her all the time, which she is
finally starting to get (occasionally) tired of.

Not coincidentally, Emily is also deep into the throes of separation
anxiety. "Anxiety" doesn't really convey the problem, though. Anxious
is when you bite your nails; there should be some other word for
sobbing hysterically within three seconds of being put down. In case
you're wondering, three seconds is not long enough to answer any calls
of nature, so, "Separation Anxiety Means Never Going to the Potty".
Actually, especially since I find I need to stay hydrated in order to
remain a good food source, that's just not possible. So my nerves are
a little shot from the amount of (unavoidable!) crying I've endured
over the last few days! (Fortunately, "Mah" did very nicely come over
each day while Matt was gone so I could shower safely. Since Emily's
also been teething, laying her down for any amount of time to
sleep--alone, at least--has not gone very well lately, either. And she
screams bloody murder when I strap her into her high chair to take a
tub bath. While that works in a pinch, it's pretty wearing on all of

Life is not all bad, though. Laura missed her Daddy quite a bit, of
course, but she came up with a new game to cope: "Bye, I'm Leaving!"
She gathered up some gift bags full of toys, slung them over her wrist,
and made a big show of hugging and kissing Em and me goodbye. She then
went to stand by the door, waited a moment, and returned triumphant (I
assisted with a big, "Welcome HOME!" I'm no dummy....). My favorite
(apart from all the extra toddler lovin'), was when she patted Emily
and told her to "be a good girl for Mommy", and then said, "Oooh, those
chubby baby cheeks! Ooooh, those chubby baby thighs!" when she was on
her way "out the door." Who d'you s'pose she's imitating *there*?

While I'm on the subject, I don't think I mentioned the other cute
thing she did recently. Emily and I are still fighting the cold (what
it lacked in intensity it is more than making up for in duration.
Blah!). When Laura has a cold, we often put "owie goop" (not to be
confused with "baby owie goop", a.k.a. diaper rash cream!) on her nose.
(We use Aquaphor.) So when I was coming down with the dreaded virus
and was feeling low, Laura came up to me, rubbed her nose's end with
her finger, and dabbed at mine. She was sharing her goop with me! (I
asked, to make sure I was interpreting the gesture correctly.)

In spite of the cold, I foolishy gave in to the urge to work outside
today. Fortunately, it doesn't take too much energy to sit up to type,
or you wouldn't even be getting this much of an update. :) (I hope to
take most of the rest of the afternoon off; I'll just be breathing.
In. Out. Repeat. I love allergy season.) On the up side, I am
definitely seeing progress on the Bluebell Battlefront. The herb bed
is almost clear (all the herbs are freed, I just have some more to do
around the long-suffering rhododendron and along the fence). My next
campaign is to free all the new perennials I got this spring from the
Interlopers; another of their foul tendencies is to stretch their
leaves out as far as possible, so in spite of putting the new babies in
dirt that was free of bluebells, everybody is now fairly crowded in
terms of air space. Onward, Garden Soldiers! (even though it's
*really* difficult to be continuing the battle, since I'd rather be
digging actual veggie garden area, I know this effort will pay off big
time down the road. And if I can discipline myself to actually STOP
after only an hour, maybe I can work on it every day....)

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