April 17, 2006

Easter weekend

I have the cold now. Yay. At least it's moved up towards my head,
instead of slinking around my lungs like it's been the last few days.

Saturday was NFL Congress. Matt didn't qualify anyone, but he was all
happy because he came right home that night and reserved tickets for
his flight to Nationals, before the price went up yesterday!

Sunday, we went to church. They had an Easter egg hunt on the grounds,
which Laura was old enough to really get into this year (she is still
in the "thrill of the hunt" stage; mean/greedy Mommy and Daddy crack
open the eggs, release the candy, pocket it for later, and give her
back the eggs. And she's happy!) Pictures will soon appear on the
photoblog; I figure I'll be good and post old pictures for a week, and
then post new ones the next week until I'm all caught up. That way the
archives will be easier to navigate, too.

After, we went up to my family's quiet Easter at my Aunt Barb's. Emily
was feeling photogenic, so we got a lot of pics of her, too. Barb is
at the other end of the child-raising process from me, so it was fun to
be tantalized with what to do with an empty nest (her last chick flies
away this fall). I'm sure she won't run out of ideas any time soon.

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