April 6, 2006

Days of Whining, Noses

Sorry. Lack of sleep generally makes me punny.

Of course, Emily caught the cold, too. Did you know an eight-month old
could "hock a loogie"? Me, neither, until this morning.

If you've seen _A Fish Called Wanda_, there's a scene where Kevin Kline
sticks french fries up Eric Idle's nose, then stuffs something else in
Idle's mouth. Idle tries mightily to breathe anyway, but he's pretty
thoroughly blocked. That is exactly how Emily looks while trying to
nurse with a code in her node! "Ooooh, foodfoodfoodfood. Food? Food!
GASP! pantpantpant" Then she looks at me as if to say, "Why are you
tormenting me like this? Oh, well....Foodfoodfoodfood. GASP!" etc.
If you're ever tried to chew your food politely, i.e., with your mouth
closed, when your nose is completely blocked, then you probably have a
pretty good idea, too.

There are compensations. Since we probably caught this crud at the
library (the girls' doctor refers to it as "That huge petri dish"), at
least the good thing is we get to hear Laura singing the "I Love You"
song; it was refreshed in her memory when we went to story time. Matt
has figured out that if he sets up the shot, Laura will finish it:
M: Skidamarink-a-dink-a-dink, skidamarink-a-do....
L: I love you!
I'm only sad that I didn't think of it first! Plain writing cannot
convey the cuteness of hearing such words delivered by a stuffed-up
toddler voice.

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Tami said...

I think you guys need to post audio files of that sweet little voice like Dooce. I'd listen.

Poor Em! Teeth AND a cold. :(

And I am totally ROFL that you guys each got a MySpace account. LOL!