April 9, 2006

The Battle Continues...

Yesterday, I had to take a break from the fight against the foul
bluebells. Not only was it pretty rainy, but we were due to attend a
birthday party for one of Laura's cousins, Christopher, who is now 5
(first cousin, once removed. I think. He's Matt's niece's son. *You*
work it out, and get back to me.)

We had a good time. We got to see Doug and Dianne's new house in
Donald, reconnect with the family, and watch the kids play. It's been
really nice--and we're noticing it more each time the family
gathers--to have a passel of kids who can all play together. Our
niece, Kelia, is coming up on seven, plus several of the other nieces
(and the one nephew, now!) --they are closer to our age-- have had
kids. So they're not all first-first cousins, but at least there's
someone around who's about the same age. (Especially for our
girls--there's a baby boomlet, with one in between Laura and Emily and
one who was just born last month. Both girls, too! Yeehaw!)

We came home entirely too late, scraped together supper, forced Laura
to eat (non-violently :-) ), and poured the girls into bed.

Today, we both wanted to go to church, not least because it's Palm
Sunday, but we looked at the girls--spraying snot everywhere,
intermittently--and decided not to infect the nursery. They are
actually doing a lot better, and in retrospect, it hasn't been a
particularly ferocious cold, but I've whined before about catching bugs
from the church petri dish, so I didn't want to be a hypocrite. So,
seizing the moment, we bundled 'em up and went out to the back yard

I did another few yards of freedom-fighting for my herbs, eradicating
the insurgent flowers (it would be great if the blue and white
varieties would descend into civil war, as long as there were no
collateral damages....Of course, the white ones aren't so insidious, so
I think I'll be able to "work with" them, perhaps helping them set up a
democratic constitution, et cetera.) It is exciting to see the bare
dirt emerge; if nothing else, the pestilential posies are so efficient
as weeds that not much else sprouts under or around them, leaving me
with little additional weeding to do.

Meanwhile, Matt was helping to reap an unexpected bounty; our newest
neighbors across the street were getting rid of some gravel (the round
kind), which has been used for paths in their yard. Coincidentally,
our plans here call for some paths, so we volunteered to take some of
it off their hands. Of course, we're not ready to make the paths just
yet--not until I win the battle, among other things!--but now there's
probably a cubic yard of gravel on our (formerly) RV pad out back. It
was fun watching them run the wheelbarrows across the street. :-)

Laura enjoyed herself immensely; she was given a toddler-sized bucket
(okay, it was an old sherbert container) and carefully filled it up
with "rockies" to carry around. We told her she was being VERY
helpful; true, though not in the sense we wanted her to think we meant
(she was helpful in that she was not falling into the basement window
wells, or tripping down the stairs, but instead just happily and safely
playing with gravel.) Emily fussed for a bit but eventually was
successfully laid down to sleep in the Pack-n-Play near where I was
working. I hope to repeat this scenario sometime soon (perhaps without
the fussy time, but with the outdoor nap.)

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