April 14, 2006


Picture yourself getting a pizza. You're in a restaurant, and the
pizza arrives. It is still steaming hot. You go to grab a
piece--ouch! it burns your fingers a little!--and put it on your plate.

The cheese, though, is still connected between the point of the piece
and the mother pizza. You go back to the middle of the pie, grab the
string of cheese, and pull. It pulls, but even more cheese extends the
string. You do this again, and *finally*, it breaks, just as your
fellow diners were starting to wonder if all the remaining cheese was
going to be sucked into your piece's string like fiber into a thread.

O.K. You have the picture? Clear as a bell? This happens to
everybody, right?

That is EXACTLY what it looks like when we suction out Emily's nose
with the bulb aspirator. Except it's not cheese. It *is* endless
though...sometimes I have to check her toes when we're done, to make
sure they haven't disappeared like a sweater's edge when it unravels.

This gross-out moment was brought to you by Oglefamily. "Parenting:
It's Not for the Weak of Stomach!"

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