March 31, 2006

Spring Break, Day 7

Our remaining kitties went to the vet: Dudley fought valiantly, so he
must be doing o.k. Fiona will forgive us one day soon. Anyway,
everybody got their vaccines and seems to be doing well.

Pat and Bill came down to visit and take us out to lunch. It was the
first time in quite a while that we had both girls with us at a
restaurant. Emily, though probably hungry and surely tired, was mostly
mesmerized by the people; Laura contented herself with drinking way
more milk than we give her at home, and having some of Grandma's
milkshake. She will probably suffer tonight; massive amounts of milk
stuff don't seem to agree with her (8 oz. a day seems to be the tipping
point.) On the other hand, I was not embarrassed to be seen with my
children in public, so, it all evens out. And none of us had to do

Matt fixed our coat closet door; it hasn't actually latched for some
time, and since we cleaned that closet, we've been keeping the diaper
bag in there. Laura knows that she can easily open the door, and
retrieve the special toys we save for our trips out. Hah! Not
anymore, my dear! (It's also nice for us and any guests to have a
somewhat toddler-proof area to set their stuff.)

I spent some time this afternoon working on bringing us into the 21st
century. I finally decided that it would be o.k. to pay bills
online...certainly, it doesn't seem to be any more risky than sending
pieces of paper all over the place. So, I've begun the process. I
anticipate not having to spend so much time shuffling paper each month.
(and I'm sure I'll find a use for the stamp money we'll save...)

I'm off to get more free plants tomorrow morning...I am still marveling
at what a cool idea it is to use the Internet to trade plants,
something most gardeners love to do.

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