March 29, 2006

Spring Break, Day 5

We made it to the library for story time this morning, and were treated
to a reminder of Laura's personality: she is a Watcher. She was soooo
excited to go, and get to sing songs and do the motions. Then when
we're there, she just watches--no participation. I think it's just
been too long; if it were familiar, she would have boogied like she
does at home. Makes me wonder what the beginning of school will be
like with her...every year. On the other hand, we got some new books
and some old favorites.

We had Robyn over for dinner. Since she works so close but lives a
ways away, we've been wanting to be better about connecting, so I'm
glad we finally did. Her, Laura played with! (She even got a hug on
the way out, a definite honor.) We had fun, too; we ran Emily through
the ducky tub while Robyn was here so someone else could enjoy the
spectacle. I sent her home with the first Patricia Cornwell book in
the Scarpetta series, doing what I can to help get her hooked on
reading for fun. To me, this sort of thing is half the fun of owning
books: I can foist them off on others! (and if she doesn't like it,
I'll try, try again. I think books and readers are like significant
others: the right combinations are out there; you just have to *find*
the correct pairs to make it work.)

Laura still commits UBE's (Unauthorized Bed Evacuations) at nap time,
but she's--eventually--falling asleep on her own in the bed (and nights
have been no trouble.)

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