March 28, 2006

Spring Break, Day 4

Today was fairly peaceful. Laura managed to fall asleep, with no
extortion or assistance, for her nap!

We worked on fixing things that were broken (notably, the back yard's
water spigot is again functional; it leaked when we moved in here, but
by last fall it was basically flooding the basement anytime somebody
watered. Not a good thing! And now I can actually plan the garden
knowing I'll be able to keep it hydrated....). I also worked on the
scheduling for the church. It takes me probably three hours to do, but
I only do it every few months, so it's not exactly a huge time

Emily practiced rolling; she's got the front-to-back thing down, but
hasn't *quite* mastered the reverse.

Since I have nothing much to report, I can do a brief book review. In
the news lately has been _The Da Vinci Code_, since the author is being
sued for plagiarism. The book he's supposed to have plagiarized, _Holy
Blood, Holy Grail_, was in our library, so I read it.

It's not bad, but it's not that great, either. And if I were the judge
in the plagiarism case, it'd be done by now. There is definitely
derivative material in TDVC, but its author actually *mentions* the
previous book as part of his novel; he has one of his characters praise
the research done, but question some of their logical leaps. That's
about where I stand on it, too. In any event, I don't see how it can
be plagiarism when the source is actually cited. Maybe that's why I'm
only an English teacher, not a judge. ;-)

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